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Year Abroad


Year Abroad

Educational Center “Pleade” invites students to come to Russia to spend their “Year Abroad”. It is a wonderful opportunity to learn Russian language and Russian culture. We have 5 programs of courses of Russian language. Simultaneously you can teach your language to Russian students, this way the price of your course and accommodation will be partially reduced.

 “Year Abroad” is strongly advised all over the world as a part of educational process. A short trip abroad is not enough to understand culture and mentality of local people, whereas living in a foreign country gives enough time to investigate deeply customs and traditions, to practice language enriching vocabulary with modern words and even learning slang.  Krasnodar is a very nice place to make research in Russian literature and culture, as there are many libraries, museums, universities and theatres.

“Year Abroad” is an amazing life experience. Living in a foreign country makes a person adapt quickly to new environment developing flexibility. Also keep in mind that our students are very friendly and appreciate opportunity to communicate with people from other countries.

Gaining experience in teaching English to foreign students is an advantage as well. Our students are eager to learn English from native speakers, so we have a growing demand on teachers. We have groups with different levels of English language and individual lessons. Teaching in group can be tricky sometimes as you have to keep attention of several persons, but enjoyable at the same time as usually it is full of discussions, disputes and laughing. Practice is an essential part of pedagogic education, because only experience can form your own methodic, train reaction, stimulates confidence.  

“Year Abroad” can become you first step in your future carrier. Come and learn new culture and life-style, find new friends and get an amazing experience with our “Year Abroad”- program in Krasnodar!

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