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About Krasnodar

Krasnodar is a capital of Krasnodar region, one of the most picturesque places of our country. It has a very warm climate and, being close to the Black Sea, our region attracts a large number of tourists in both, to the seaside resorts, and in winter, to the ski-resorts.

It is a modern European town with 1 000 000 habitants. It is plenty of greenery, parks, nightclubs, shopping centers, European supermarkets and cyber-cafes. It also has 5 theaters, including a ballet theater where productions by the famous ballet-master of the Bolshoi Theater, Yuri Grigorovich, are performed.

Krasnodar is a scientific center too. Here there are more than 20 universities. So it could be called student city too.

Krasnodar is one of the largest industrial centers of the south of Russia: more than 150 large and small industrial enterprises are located here.

Krasnodar is a large transport unit of the south of Russia. Its territory is crossed with railways of four directions, motorways, and from the city airport direct flights to Austria (with Austrian Airlines) and to Italy are carried out.

Photos of town

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