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Price List



Manager’s Contact Details

-Russian lessons to foreigners 

-Student Visa Invitation for a period of 1 week to 6 months

Accommodation in a Russian host family


-Colloquial Russian

-Business Russian

-Russian as a foreign language

-Individual Lessons; teaching groups of 2-3 people; teaching groups of 4-6 people –Russian language summer school (15th June-15th September)

1  week

2  weeks
4  weeks

6-12  weeks

450 Euros
880 Euros
1600 Euros

2300-3500 Euros


Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-01


E-mail: language@pleade.ru



With breakfast

With breakfast and dinner

140 Åuros per week

175 Euros per week

Foreign language lessons to employees on site (12 foreign languages available) 

600 Roubles/hour with a native speaker for the whole group

500 Roubles/hour with a Russian speaking teacher 

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-01

Mob: 8-918-155-48-76



Processing of single-entry visa invitations (cultural or business) with postage to the relevant Russian Consulate abroad

100 Euros + payment of postage

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

 Mob: 8-961-53-57-381



Hotel Reservations

170 Roubles

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

Mob: 8-961-53-57-381



Greeting foreign guests and delegations at the airport by local guide/a translator

Interpreting Services and technical translations relating to equipment assembly etc.    

150 Roubles/hour –the guide’s fee

From $120 or from 100 Euros per day

From $90 or 80 Euros per day

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

Mob: 8-961-53-57-381



Transportation Services:

* Temporary Vehicles available for the period of repair;

* Airport transfers to train stations in the Krasnodar region;

* Rental Car 

* Car and Driver

* Minibus/Bus (seating 35-140 people) 

Variety of vehicles available

8000 Roubles/day

5000 Roubles/day

50000-10000 Roubles/ trip of  4 – 5 hours

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-32-38

Mob: 8-961-53-57-381




Train or Plane Reservations

200 Roubles

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

Mob:  8-961-53-57-381



Food Arrangements for our foreign guests: 

Home-cooked food

Meals in Krasnodar

Lunch in a restaurant outside of the city

1000 Roubles/3 meals a day

From 1300 Roubles/3 meals a day

From 500 Roubles


Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

Ìîb: +7-918-21-00-187



Provision of Domestic Staff

Nanny, babysitting, housekeeper, domestic help, cook

1800 Roubles (without guarantees or replacement)

3500 Roubles (with guarantee of replacement with a period of one month

Tel/Fax: 274-77-36

Ìîb: +7-918-21-00-187



Written Translation Services:

-Translation   various European languages (English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Greek etc) 

into    russian

from   russian

-Translation   Eastern European languages (such as Bulgarian, Hungarian, Romanian, Moldavian etc.)  -Translation both into and from pre-Baltic languages

into    russian

from   russian

-Translation both into and from Asian languages (Japanese, Korean, Chinese)

-Additional translation services available both into and from more uncommon languages

-Services available:  Technical, business, specialized documents, legal agreements, business plans, rules/regulations/statutes, power of attorney, declarations, contracts, goods-accompanying documents, finance and book-keeping/accountancy records according to IAS or GAAP,  financial documents,  documents relating to criminal and civil matters etc.

Notary assurance of signature of the translator;

Notarization and Legalization of documents under the supervision of Apostille


from 350  Roubles/page

from 400  Roubles/page

from 300 Roubles/page

from 400 Roubles/page

650-750 Roubles/page

From 800 Roubles/page

200 Roubles

600 Roubles

Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36

Mob:  8-961-53-57-381



Simultaneous Oral Translation Services

- simultaneous Interpretation Services (reseurce & selection )

hourly pay of translator

-Recruiting of Specialist Interpreters    for an extended period of employment


Recruiting  of  Specialist   with knowledge of one  foreign languag  (or multi-lingual Personnel) for an extended period of Employment :

·          Branch Directors and PR Directors

·         Technical Engineers

·         Project Managers

·         IT Specialists

·         Logistics Personnel

·         Assistant Directors

·         Secretaries and Translators

90 Euros fee one-time

from 350 rubles/hr (depending on language and experience of translator)

200 Euros one-time fee without  guaranteed replacement

250 Euros one-time Euros with îäíîðàçîâîé guaranteed replacement

 Fee for finding appropriate staff with free replacement valid for a period of 3 months (equivalent to the relevant specialist’s monthly salary) 

Tel/Fax: +7(861) 274-77-36

Mob:  +7 (861) 53-57-381



Tel/Fax: +7 (861) 274-77-36



Branch Accreditation for foreign companies in the Governmental Registration Chamber (GRC)

       1. Preparation of all documents required for GRP accreditation

       2. Accreditation with registration certificate from the GRP

       3. The registration of your company’s graphic seal and the organization of the seal’s production 

       4. Manufacturing of an initial seal from plastic

       5. Obtain a Business License Number

       6. The organization of all paperwork required for registration at I.F.N.S

      7. Additional Registration at the following governmental branches (PFR, KGFOMS, FSS) 

    8. Preparation of all documentation required to open an account at the bank of your choice            

From 20 000 Rubles




Excursions for Foreigners (Foreign Citizens) 

Tours-guides and/or translators with knowledge of one to up to three languages are available to lead tours of small groups or delegations around and about the Krasnodar region. 

Both package tours and custom adventure tours are available (windsurfing, snowboarding, diving and rafting) with qualified instructors fluent in foreign languages.

Tel/Fax:  +7 (861) 274-77-36      Mob:. +7-961-53-57-381      eku@aplate.ru      www.aplate.ru


Description of Excursion



General Car excursion around Krasnodar: starting from the cinema “Aurora”, the tallest point of the city of Krasnodar, to Gorky’s park.  The founding stone of the city is located here, 3 stops for pedestrian trips near the hotel “Intourist”, which is near the small public garden of Heroes and situated in the historical centre of the city.

2 -2.5 Hours

 In a car for 1-3 people

In Russian-800 Roubles/hour with a guide

1500 Roubles/hour with a translator

For a group + the cost of the relevant mode of transport

Pedestrian excursion, “Evening Krasnodar’ Starting from Pushkin’s Square and walking across the park “30 Years of Victory” and the “Bridge of Kisses”

3 Hours

1500 Roubles

The Temples of Krasnodar-a general trip around 6 temples with the opportunity to attend a service in one temple.  This begins from the chapel of Alexander Nevsky (opposite the Administration Building on Krasnaya Street

4 Hours

2000 Roubles for 1-3 people

For a group+ the cost of the relevant mode of transport 

An evening in a Krasnodar night club:  “Salvador Dali”, “Digger Club”. “ERA”, “Nebesa”. “City”, “Nautilus”, “Joy” 

4 - 6 Hours

500 Roubles Accompanied by a translator and entrance tickets

Wine tour around the region with a visit to vineyards “Abrau-Durso” and “Miskhako” (Novrossiisk), “Sauk –Dere” an “Chateau  le Grand Vostok” (Krimskii region), “Kuban-Wine” (Temrukskii region

2 Days, with a night/overnight stay in Novorossisk


Excursion to Goryachii Kluch

1 Day, 6 Hours, Lunch in the restaurant “Ocharovatel’naya polynanka” 

1500 Roubles/person

Excursion to the Abinskii region (Dolmen’s City) with a visit to the Erivanskaya museum of Cossack country life

1 Day, 6 Hours, Lunch in a restaurant in Abinsk

 2000 Roubles/person

Excursion into the Guamskow gorge

1 Day, 8 Hours, Lunch and Dinner

2500 Roubles/person

Excursion into Lago-Naki with a visit to the caves in Azishkay and Nezhnahya, to some viewpoints on the ridge at Azish-Tau and to the Khadzhokhskii canyon. 

1 Day, 10 Hours, Lunch and Dinner

 4000 Roubles/person

Excursion to St. Michael’s monastery with a visit to a medicinal spring at St. Panteleimon and to Khadzhokhskii Canyon as well as climbing to the summit of Fiziabgo. 

1 Day, 8 Hours, îDinner and Lunch

2500 Roubles/person

Excursion to the Rufabgo Waterfalls-round-route on foot visiting four of the waterfalls and caves in this area

1  Day, 10 Hours, Dinner and Lunch

  3000 Roubles

Rafting along the Belii River from Guzerilpi and also visiting the Khadzhokhkskii Canyon

2 Days, Night in a Hotel in the Khadzhok region

 5000 Roubles/person, including the cost required for rafting

4-Wheel Drive Tour visiting the following places: Krasnodar, Maikop, Khadzhokh, Lago-Naki, Mezmai, Guamka and returning to Krasnodar

2 Days, Night in a Hotel in Maikop

 6000 Roubles/person

A Trip to the mountain-skiing resort in Dombai

2-3 Days

8000 Roubles/person

A trip to Lago-Naki, in the mountain-skiing resort in Azish-Tau

2-3 Days

8000 Roubles/person

A trip to Krasnii Glade

2-3 Days       

8000 Roubles/person

A trip across the Lago-Naki plateau with an experienced English, Spanish and Italian speaking instructor 

6 Days

10 000 Roubles

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